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The Grimsby and District Quiz League

Division 2 Fixtures: 2019-2020

Match date Venue Team Score Team Score Questions by
Monday 23rd September 9:00 Bridge Serendipity 61 Time Out 68 Rasen
Monday 23rd September 9:00 RAFA Quizlings 75 Belligerent Fools 56 Surplus Rowdies
Tuesday 24th September 7:30 RAFA Too Witless 63 Minders 68 Magic Robots
Monday 30th September 7:30 Bridge Midori Desu 60 Quizlings 82 Somnambulists
Monday 30th September 9:00 RAFA Apostles 80 Serendipity 52 Swats
Tuseday 1st October 7:30 RAFA Woodentops 62 Too Witless 58 Dad's Army
Monday 7th October 9:00 Bridge Belligerent Fools 68 Midori Desu 60 RAFA Dipsos
Monday 7th October 9:00 RAFA Time Out 81 Apostles 89 Nemesis
Tuesday 8th October 9:00 RAFA Minders 88 Woodentops 78 Bux Qwiz
Monday 14th October 7:30 Bridge Serendipity 45 Minders 77 Surplus Rowdies
Monday 14th October 7:30 RAFA Too Witless 48 Belligerent Fools 62 Rasen
Tuesday 15th October 7:30 RAFA Quizlings 88 Time Out 54 Magic Robots
Monday 21st October 9:00 Bridge Midori Desu 87 Serendipity 40 Dad's Army
Monday 21st October 9:00 RAFA Apostles 89 Too Witless 63 Somnambulsists
Tuesday 22nd October 9:00 RAFA Woodentops 70 Quizlings 76 Swats
Monday 28th October 7:30 Bridge Minders 81 Midori Desu 65 Nemesis
Monday 28th October 9:00 RAFA Belligerent Fools 58 Apostles 111 Bux Qwiz
Tuesday 29th October 7:30 RAFA Time Out 83 Woodentops 73 RAFA Dipsos
Monday 4th November 9:00 Bridge Too Witless 80 Time Out 86 Surplus Rowdies
Monday 4th November 7:30 RAFA Quizlings 81 Minders 60 Rasen
Tuesday 5th November 9:00 RAFA Serendipity 56 Belligerent Fools 61 Magic Robots
Monday 11th November 9:00 Bridge Midori Desu   Too Witless   Swats
Monday 11th November 9:00 RAFA Apsotles   Quizlings   Dad's Army
Tuesday 12th November 7:30 RAFA Woodentops   Serendipity   Somnambulists
Monday 18th November 9:00 Bridge Time Out   Midori Desu   Bux Kwiz
Monday 18th November 9:00 RAFA Minders   Apostles   RAFA Dipsos
Tuesday 19th November 7:30 RAFA Belligerent Fools   Woodentops   Nemesis
Monday 25th November 9:00 Bridge Apostles   Midori Desu   Rasen
Monday 25th November 7:30 RAFA Time Out   Belligerent Fools   Swats
Tuesday 26th November 9:00 RAFA Serendipity   Quizlings   Nemesis
Monday 2nd December 7:30 Bridge Midori Desu   Woodentops   Surplus Rowdies
Monday 2nd December 7:30 RAFA Belligerent Fools   Minders   Somnambulists
Tuesday 3rd December 7:30 RAFA Quizlings   Too Witless   RAFA Dipsos
Monday 9th December 9:00 Bridge Minders   Time Out   Dad's Army
Monday 9th December 9:00 RAFA Woodentops   Apostles   Magic Robots
Tuesday 10th December 7:30 RAFA Too Witless   Serendipity   Bux Kwiz
Monday 7th January 9:00 Bridge          
Monday 7th January 9:00 RAFA          
Tuesday 8th January 7:30 RAFA          
Monday 14th January 7:30 Bridge          
Monday 14th January 7:30 RAFA          
Tuesday 15th January 9:00 RAFA          
Monday 21st January 9:00 Bridge          
Monday 21st January 7:30 RAFA          
Tuesday 22nd January 9:00 RAFA          
Monday 4th February 7:30 Bridge          
Monday 4th February 7:30 RAFA          
Tuesday 5th February 7:30 RAFA          
Monday 11th February 7:30 Bridge          
Monday 11th February 9:00 RAFA          
Tuesday 12th February 9:00 RAFA          
Monday 25th February 7:30 Bridge          
Monday 25th February 7:30 RAFA          
Tuesday 26th February 7:30 RAFA          
Monday 11th March 7:30 Bridge          
Monday 11th March 7:30 RAFA          
Tuesday 12th March 9:00 RAFA          
Monday 18th March 7:30 Bridge          
Monday 18th March 9:00 RAFA          
Tuesday 19th March 7:30 RAFA          
Monday 25th March 9:00 Bridge          
Monday 25th March 7:30 RAFA          
Tuesday 26th March 9:00 RAFA          
Monday 1st April 7:30 Bridge          
Monday 1st April 7:30 RAFA          
Tuesday 2nd April 7:30 RAFA          
Monday 8th April 9:00 Bridge          
Monday 8th April 9:00 RAFA          
Tuesday 9th April 9:00 RAFA          
Monday 29th April 7:30 Bridge          
Monday 29th April 7:30 RAFA          
Tuesday 30th April 9:00 RAFA