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Latest updates: 28th July 2018


Next Season 2018/19

At the first post-AGM meeting of the Committee last Wednesday, 25th July it was reported that the same 18 teams would comprise the League and would again operate in 2 Divisions. The teams which ended last season in the First Division's 3 lowest places, namely Dad's Army, Minders and Serendipity, were relegated and their places in the higher echelon taken by Swats, Bux Kwiz and Time Out for next term commencing on 17th September. The same two venues would again be used viz. RAFA Club and Bridge Club with the Table Quizzes and Finals Night again at the Birdseye Club.

The Publicity Secretary reported that he had approached the Grimsby Telegraph regarding a restoration of their publishing of our results and tables on a weekly basis. The Telegraph responded saying that they no longer do this for any League due to a lack of space although they would print any items for special events on an ad hoc basis. This may mean that they would be prepared to feature our Finals Nights once more!

There will be a major change in the coming season in that legitimate games will be allowed if teams can only field 2 players.

Lawrence Cook on "The Chase".

I have been informed that Lawrence Cook will be on "The Chase", ITV1 at 5 pm, Friday 4th May. Make sure you watch!

UPDATE - Congratulations to Lawrence on an impresive performance and winning a pleasant amount of cash!


ITV Quiz Show "Tenable" Wants Contestants

Tenable challenges a team of five players to step up and take on "top ten" list questions, with the chance to take home a cash prize of up to £125,000!

Click for full details  

Results of 20 Questions Quiz.

Alan Bentley won this year's quiz with Dennis Brown second and Andy Alcock third. Full results as an XL spreadsheet.

Ian Welham on Eggheads.

Just been informed by Ian Welham that a team in which he is a guest will be on Eggheads on BBC Two at Six pm Tuesday 16th January.

UPDATE - If you missed it live it is worth a look on iPlayer to see Ian in action. Do you know what type of product was the first ever to have its bar code scanned? Ian knew, watch the program to find the answer.

European Quizzing Championships

The event has just finished and full results can be found on the web site For watchers of Eggheads, The Chase and Mastermind there are many familiar names in the top 10 from the individual event. Egghead Pat Gibson was the winner. Ian Welham finished 121st out of the 199 entry, an excellent result considering the quality of the field. Playing with Gareth Aubrey, Ian finished 19th in the pairs event out of 99 pairs. This event was also won by the Eggheads in the shape of Pat Gibson and Kevin Ashman. Looking at some of the sample questions from previous championships makes you realise that this is a different level of quizzing. Well done Ian!

Harry's Notes


This took place on 12th July at the RAFA Club in Cleethorpes. Chair Malcolm Towle presented his usual entertaining Report which was followed by Sheila Mercer's Treasurer's Report on the current state of the League's finances. She was able to present a very healthy picture compared to the previous year. This was due partly to an end to the tradition of presenting free individual plaques to Trophy winners but mainly to an extremely generous donation of £500 by an anonymous donor in addition to the equally generous annual donation from Wilkin Chapman LLP. Annual subscriptions are to remain the same for next season.

There followed a lively debate to consider a proposal from Alan Pilcher-seconded by Malcolm White-that teams be allowed to field only 2 players in League and KO matches and this was carried by 9 votes for to 5 against.

Some members asked for the Committee to contact the Grimsby Telegraph to attempt to achieve a restoration of regular coverage of results and tables following the demise of the Cleethorpes Chronicle and Publicity Sec. Harry Buck agreed to have yet another go!

The three members of Committee due for re-election viz. Andrew Hunter, Sheila Mercer and Harry Buck were all re-elected to serve en bloc but there were no nominations to fill the other 3 vacancies.

The next meeting of Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, 25th July at 7.30 at the RAFA Club.


Individual Shield K.O.Competition

Preliminary Round
Peter Daniel v Alan Bentley (no winner, both absent)

First Round
Malcolm Towle absent conceded to Ian Welham.
Graham Jackson 15 beat Bob Black 8
Alan Pilcher 11 lost to Pete Sinclair 12
Lawrence Cook won by default

Ian Welham 14 beat Lawrence Cook 10
Graham Jackson 13 beat Pete Sinclair 11 

Ian Welham 12 beat Graham Jackson 10

Individual Open

Round 1.

Malcolm Towle beat Ian Welham (Ian did not play - on his way to the European Quiz Championships in Zagreb)

Andy Alcock beat Pete Daniel 9-6

Alan Pilcher beat Pete Sinclair 13-8

Ian Townsend beat Graham Jackson 8-7


Round 2

Malcolm Towle beat Bob Black 6-4

Andy Alcock beat Lawrence Cook 11-10

Andrew Hunter beat Alan Pilcher 8-3

Ian Townsend beat Alan Bentley (Alan did not play)

Malcome Towle (absent) conceded to Andrew Hunter
Ian Townsend 8, lost to Andy Alcock 10

Andrew Hunter 11/4 beat Andy Alcock 11/3

 Pairs Handicap Knock-Out Competion

Preliminary Rounds Monday 29th January 2018 - Results

League A

P. Sinclair & A. Alcock 18            I. Townsend & M. Cavanagh 27

A. Hunter & A. Bentley 23            L. Cook & B. Black 31

P. Sinclair & A. Alcock 34            A. Hunter & A. Bentley 29

I. Townsend & M. Cavanagh 30    L. Cook & B. Black 18

P. Sinclair & A. Alcock 23            L. Cook & B. Black 25

I. Townsend & M. Cavanagh 24    A. Hunter & A. Bentley 29


Table A                                 p w d l diff pts

I. Townsend & M. Cavanagh 3 2 0 1 16  4

L. Cook & B. Black              3 2 0 1 -2  4

P. Sinclair & A. Alcock         3 1 0 2 -6  2

A. Hunter & A. Bentley         3 1 0 2 -8  2


League B

M. Towle & D. Marshall 19   G. Jackson & A. Pilcher 34

I. Welham & D. Shaw 29      D. Brown & P. Gardner 26

M. Towle & D. Marshall 15  I. Welham & D. Shaw 44

G. Jackson & A. Pilcher 32   D. Brown & P. Gardner 28

M. Towle & D. Marshall 35  D. Brown & P. Gardner 26

G. Jackson & A. Pilcher 26   I. Welham & D. Shaw 33

Table B                             p w d l diff pts

I. Welham & D. Shaw       3 3 0 0 39  6

G. Jackson & A. Pilcher    3 2 0 1 12  4

M. Towle & D. Marshall   3 1 0 2 -35 2

D. Brown & P. Gardner    3 0 0 3 -16 0

Pairs Semi-finals

Lawrence Cook & Bob Black (26) beat Ian Welham and Dave Shaw (25)

Alan Pilcher & Graham Jackson (21) lost to Ian Townsend and Mick Cavanagh (24)



Team Handicap Knock-Out Competion

RAFA Club Thursday, 4th January 2018

Belligerent Fools. (24) 61. Dad's Army (14) 65
Apostles  (12) 104. Woodentops. (23 ) 84

Last 16

Two Witless  88. Quizlings. 95. 
Minders. 87. Magic Robots. 63. 
Serendipity. 102. Swats. 106.    
Time Out. 85. Somnambulists. 112. 
Dad's Army. 78. RAFA Dipsos. 69. 
Midori Desu. 90. Apostles  109.  
Bux Kwiz. 90. Nemesis. 103.  
Surplus Rowdies. 90. Rasen. 99.  

Monday, 14th May

Swats. 75. Quizlings. 48

Rasen. 98. Apostles. 84

Somnambulists. 90. Minders. 98

Nemesis. 92. Dad's Army. 85 x

X Pete Gardner of Nemesis rang to say that 2 of their team originally went to the wrong venue and arrived 20 minutes late but Dad's Army very sportingly agreed to play the match and lost!

Semi Finals. Thursday, 17th May

Minders. 97. Swats. 96

Nemesis. 95. Rasen. 77



Please note that the fixture lists on this site are for use in conjunction with your fixture list booklets. If you ever find a discrepancy, precedence should be given to the booklet.

While I check, double check and triple check everything before I post it, it is still possible that I may have got my fingers and/or eyes crossed, and I don't want to send anyone to the wrong venue at the wrong time or on the wrong day. Finally, if you do spot a clanger, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it. Thanx! Ed.



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