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Latest updates: 11th Oct 2021


Table Quiz 13th Sept

After what has seemed to have been an age, the League finally got off the ground again with a Table Quiz at a new venue. The Carr Lane club proved a satisfactory place and the scores were:-


                                      Apostles.             44

                                      Rowdies.              39

                                      Dipsos.                 37

                                      Nemesis.              36

                                      Somnambs.          34

                                      Robots.                 32

                                      Quizlings.              31

                                       Bux Kwiz.              31

                                       Two Witless.         21

                                       Dad's Army.          20

                                       Midori Desu.         20


Quizmaster was Martin Reed who utilised the sound system to present a Round of 1960s pop hits. There were 60 questions overall.

Harry's Notes


Division 1

Surplus Rowdies  66.  Bux Kwiz. 48

RAFA Dipsos.       63. Apostles.   61


Division. 2

Time Out.   70   Quizlings.   69

Swats.        69.   Bell. Fools. 49



In the top Division, Rowdies won again with a comfortable margin of 18 points over Bux. Reigning champions Dipsos had a real struggle to overcome a challenging performance from Apostles and must have been mightily relieved to edge through by just 2 points.


Division 2 also had a very close result and another fairly easy one. Time Out's clash with Bill Mercer's Quizlings went down to the wire with Time Out prevailing by a single point by answering the final question! Belligerent Fools succumbed to the strong Swats side by a margin of 20.


Questions which nobody answered in the Time Out v Quizlings match


1 Which species of bird is a yellowhammer

2 Where did Stanley meet Livingstone in Tanganyika in 1871

3Which former top Labour politician was born in Prestatyn in 1938

4 Which old Prison on London's South Bank was destroyed during

    The Gordon Riots in 1780




1) Bunting  2) Ujiji  3) John Prescott. 4) The Clink



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