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Latest updates: 15th February 2020


20 Questions Quiz

The 20 Questions Quiz is now a part of the annual programme that fills in the once-blank week of half-term. It was devised by Andrew Hunter and took place this year at the Bridge Club in Bargate on Monday, 17th February. Ten players entered this time and Ian Welham repeated his victory of 2019. Dennis Brown was second and Lawrence Cook third. Each player set 20 questions for one Round.

Full Results (spreadsheet)

Survey About Quizzing

I have been contacted by Emma Foster, an MSc student at the University of Buckingham. She is conducting an online survey which is aimed at people who quiz, at any level. Anyone who is willing is invited to take part. Below is a link to the survey. It takes roughly 20-25 minutes to complete.

Harry's Notes

Results for Week Ending 13th February

Division 1

Nemesis. 76. Surplus Rowdies. 78

Rasen. 87. Bux Kwiz. 83

Magic Robots. 63. RAFA Dipsos. 86

Division 2

Time Out. 91  Serendipity. 87

Too Witless. 66. Minders. 73

Belligerent Fools. 64. Quizlings. 78


The big clash came in the top division where Rowdies got one over on old rivals Nemesis whose bubble seems to have burst. Dipsos surged further ahead with a decisive victory over Robots. The other match was very close but Rasen just pipped Bux by 4.

The runaway leaders in Division 2, Apostles, were not engaged and Time Out just managed to beat bottom team Serendipity to keep in the promotion places. Minders also kept in touch against Too Witless as did Quizlings against Belligerent Fools. Quizlings recently suffered the very sad passing of one of their better players, Keith, and we extend our deepest condolences to his team and his family.

Individual Shield K.O.Competition

Individual Open

Preliminary Round
Andy Alcock w/o Peter Mountain
Ian Townsend w/o Bob Black
Dennis Brown w/o Adam Ramsey
Graham Jackson 6 Alan Pilcher 8
Lawrence Cook 11 Andrew Hunter 7
Ian Welham 7 Peter Sinclair 9

Byes.   Alan Bentley/Malcolm Towle

Quarter Finals
Lawrence Cook 12 Malcolm Towle 9
Andy Alcock 11 Alan Bentley 12
Alan Pilcher 5 Dennis Brown 10
Ian Townsend 11 Pete Sinclair 10

 Pairs Handicap Knock-Out Competion

Group A

Pete Gardner and Dennis Brown. 25. Alan Pilcher and Graham.Jackson. 23

Mick Cavanagh and Ian Townsend. 32. Andy Alcock and Pete Sinclair. 23

Pete Gardner and Dennis Brown. 28. Mick Cavanagh and Ian Townsend. 30

Alan Pilcher and Graham Jackson. 28. Andy Alcock and Pete Sinclair. 37

Pete Gardner and Dennis Brown. 22. Andy Alcock and Pete Sinclair.  37

Alan Pilcher and Graham Jackson. 34. Mick Cavanagh and Ian Townsend. 23


Group A Table

Andy and Pete won 2 games plus 15 points difference

Mick and Ian won 2 games plus nil points difference

Pete and Dennis and Alan and Graham won only 1 game


Group B

Malcolm Towle and Dick  24. Bob Black and Lawrence Cook. 20

Andrew Hunter and Pete Daniel. 18. Ian Welham and Dave Shaw. 33

Bob Black and Lawrence Cook. 26. Andrew Hunter and Pete Daniel. 29

Malcolm Towle and Dick. 15. Ian Welham and Dave Shaw. 21

Bob Black and Lawrence Cook. 25. Ian Welham and Dave Shaw. 23

Malcolm and Dick. 15. Andrew Hunter and Pete Daniel. 29


Group B Table

Ian and Dave won 2 games plus 19 points difference

Andrew and Pete won 2 games plus 2points difference

Bob and Lawrence and Malcolm and Dick won 1 game


Semi-Finals draw

Ian and Dave  v Mick and Ian

Andy and Pete.Sinclair v Andrew and Pete Daniel


Team Handicap Knock-Out Competion

Preliminary Round - Thursday, 20th February 2020. RAFA Club   

7:30 Magic Robots(5) v Rasen(5) (Serendipity) 

 9:00 Serendipity(20) v RAFA Dipsos (7) (Magic Robots)




7.30 Magic Robots (5) OR Rasen (5) V Quizlings (16) (Time Out)

9.00 Time Out (22) V Swats (17) (Quizlings)



7.30 Dad’a Army (9) V Woodentops (12) (Minders

9.00 Surplus Rowdies (11) V Minders (11) (Woodentops)




7.30 Serendipity (20) OR  Rafa Dipsos (7) V Too Witless (25) (Midori Desu)

9.00 Midori Desu (20) V Belligereent Fools (23) (Too Witless)




7.30 Somnambulists (13) V Bux Kwiz (22) (Apostles)

9.00 Apostles (14) V Nemesis (0) (Somnambulists)




Please note that the fixture lists on this site are for use in conjunction with your fixture list booklets. If you ever find a discrepancy, precedence should be given to the booklet.

While I check, double check and triple check everything before I post it, it is still possible that I may have got my fingers and/or eyes crossed, and I don't want to send anyone to the wrong venue at the wrong time or on the wrong day. Finally, if you do spot a clanger, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it. Thanx! Ed.



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