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Latest updates: 20th October 2017


Individual Shield

Due to the fact that we now have only 2 divisions it is imperative that players in Division 2 should consider entering this competition for it to have any meaning as a broad representation of the best of the nine teams. The questions are pitched at a much lower level than the main Individual trophy so please give it a go this year and let us get a true champion.

Season 2017/18

At the first meeting of the new Committee on July 13th, the 18 teams were arranged into 2 Divisions of 9 as follows:-

Division 1
Nemesis/ Surplus Rowdies /RAFA Dipsos /Rasen /Apostles /Quizlings /Dad's Army /Minders /Serendipity

Division 2
Swats /Magic Robots /Bux Quiz /Somnambulists /Time Out /Too Witless /Woodentops /Belligerent Fools /Midori Desu

The new Committee

Malcolm Towle-Chairman/Andrew Hunter-Vice-Chairman
Tree Singleton-Secretary/Sheila Mercer-Treasurer
Harry Buck-Scores and League Tables Co-ordinator and Publicity Officer.
Lawrence Cook-Minutes Secretary
Graham Jackson-Venues and Equipment
Alan Pilcher, Mike Taylor and Martin Reed - Members without Portfolio.

Mark Robinson, Mick Cavanagh and Alan Bentley have resigned from their places on the Committee and have left with the grateful thanks of their former colleagues for their valuable past contributions.

Harry's Notes

Results for Week 5

Division 1
Apostles. 68. Dad's Army. 63
Serendipity. 51. Minders. 71
Quizlings. 84. RAFA Dipsos. 81

Division 2
Somnambulists. 68. Woodentops. 78
Time Out. 84. BelligerentFools. 55
Too Witless. 46. Midori Desu. 47

Week 5 threw up another shock result! Quizlings claimed yet another prized scalp, in the form of the powerful RAFA Dipsos team to add to their unexpected defeat of Nemesis last time out. The two promoted sides from last season's Third Division, Serendipity and Minders, met and the latter had a comfortable win while Apostles took out Dad's Army but only fairly narrowly.

Woodentops got the better of Somnambulists in Division 2, Time Out had a big win over Belligerent Fools and, in a titanic struggle among the lesser lights, Midori Desu just edged out Too Witless by a single point to record only their second win ever!

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Please note that the fixture lists on this site are for use in conjunction with your fixture list booklets. If you ever find a discrepancy, precedence should be given to the booklet.

While I check, double check and triple check everything before I post it, it is still possible that I may have got my fingers and/or eyes crossed, and I don't want to send anyone to the wrong venue at the wrong time or on the wrong day. Finally, if you do spot a clanger, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it. Thanx! Ed.



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