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Latest updates: 19th April 2019


Return of Trophies
The annual problem arises concerning the return of Trophies from last season's winners. They must be returned to Malcolm as soon as possible at 56, Weelsby Road or to him at the Table Quiz next Monday evening, 15th April at Birdseye Club in Ladysmith Road. Sorry for the short notice.

20 Questions Quiz
The winner of the 20 Questions Quiz held Monday 18th February was Ian Welham, with Andy Alcock second and Andrew Hunter third. A full scoresheet is attached here.

Harry's Notes

Easter Table Quiz

This attracted only 8 teams to the Birdseye Club on Monday, 15th April but the sides that stayed away missed an excellently conceived set from Lawrence Cook. Rounds had conventional questions but the answers had common links. For example, one round's answers were all county towns, another Winners of the Open Golf Championship and others where all answers threw up England Test Captains or US Presidents. The last round was best of all. All answers were Quiz League stalwarts e.g. Question- which pair of flyers were first to fly the Atlantic Ocean non-stop, Answer-Alcock and Brown  (Andy Alcock and Dennis Brown).

 There was a picture puzzle where all were young photographs of female Oscar winners and another of games.

All-in-all a quiz that must have taken much time in preparation.


1 Dadish (Andrew Hunter + part Dad's Army.) 108

2 Rasen.           106

2 Bux Kwiz.        106

4 Swats.           105

5.Novartians.      103

6.Nemesis.         100

7 RAFA Dipsos.      97

8.Some              64

Individual Shield K.O.Competition

Individual Open

RAFA Club on Thursday, May 9th 7.30 start

Pete Daniel v Andy Alcock (Graham Jackson)

Pete Sinclair v Lawrence Cook (Alan Pilcher)


Individual Shield

The Committee have decided to allow entry to all players in the Individual Open who were defeated in Rounds before the Semi-Finals but with a Handicap of 2 points in each Round. The draw will be made after Harry Buck has contacted the people concerned to ask if they wish to compete on such terms.

 Pairs Handicap Knock-Out Competion

Preliminary Round

The hard luck story of the night went to the RAFA duo Andy A and Pete S. Despite winning 3 and losing 1 game (by a single point!) they did not qualify on points difference. They were +14, whereas the Dad's duo of Lawrence and Bob were +18 and Andrew and Alan finished +19 winning the group.

Group A winners: Andrew Hunter and Alan Bentley

Runners up: Lawrence Cook and Bob Black

Group B Winners: Ian Townsend and Mick Cavanagh

Group B Runners up: Pete Gardner and Dennis

Full results - Word format

Pairs Semi- Finals

RAFA Club on Thursday, May 9th 7.30 start 

Lawrence Cook & Bob Black (12) v Ian Townsend & Mick Cavanagh (6) (Andy Alcock)

Andrew Hunter & Alan Bentley (6) v Dennis Brown & Pete Gardner (6) (Pete Sinclair)

Team Handicap Knock-Out Competion

Preliminary Round

Swats. 74. Nemesis. 106

Apostles. 82. Time Out. 71

Results for the First Round of the Team Knockout:-

Monday 4th March

Bridge Club. 7.30 Dad's Army (7)  107 v Midori Desu (23) 93

                     9.00 Somnambulists (20)  70 v Rasen (2) 101

RAFA Club.  7.30 Surplus Rowdies (3) 100 v  Minders (8) 59

                     9.00 Apostles (6) 75 v Belligerent Fools (21) 93

Tuesday 5th March

RAFA Club.  7.30 Nemesis (1) 75 v RAFA Dipsos (5)  70

                     9.00 Too Witless (22) 88 v Bux Kwiz (16)  91

Thursday 7th March 

RAFA Club.  7.30 Serendipity (9) 63 v Quizlings (4) 69

                     9.00 Woodentops (19) 75 v Magic Robots (18) 98


Quarter Finals

Monday, 13th May

Bridge Club  

7, 30. Surplus Rowdies(3)  v. Nemesis (1) (Bux Kwiz). Match 1

9 00. Bux  Kwiz(16) v Quizlings (4) (Nemesis).  Match.2 


7.30 Belligerent Fools (21).v Magic Robots (18) (Dad's Army) Match 3

9.00 Rasen (2) v Dad's Army (7) (Magic Robots) Match 4 


Thursday, 16th May


7:30 Winners of Match 1 v Winners of Match 4 (Quizlings)

9:00 Winners of Match 2 v Winners of Match 3 (Surplus Rowdies)



Please note that the fixture lists on this site are for use in conjunction with your fixture list booklets. If you ever find a discrepancy, precedence should be given to the booklet.

While I check, double check and triple check everything before I post it, it is still possible that I may have got my fingers and/or eyes crossed, and I don't want to send anyone to the wrong venue at the wrong time or on the wrong day. Finally, if you do spot a clanger, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it. Thanx! Ed.



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