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Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Oh, who am I kidding? It was in 1975 in - um - Grimsby, that the above-mentioned institution was founded. Since then, it has brought a lot of pleasure spiced with a sprinkling of frustration to its many members. Here's a little basic information for quiz enthusiasts who might like to consider joining the Quiz League.

So what's it all about? It's just another pub quiz, isn't it?

No it isn't, although the highly entertaining Table Quiz in December does adopt that format. Also popular culture doesn't dominate the questions set. Some questions on football, the latest film releases, leggy blondes and Australian soap operas inevitably creep into league matches as the questions cover a very broad swathe of General Knowledge - something for everyone.

When and where do you play?

Teams play two or three league matches per month. These take place on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings at either the R.A.F.A. club in Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes, or the Bridge Club at the junction of Bargate and College Street, Grimsby. There are two matches in the evening, the first match beginning at 7.30 p.m. and the second at 9.00 p.m.

What's the format for league matches then?

Each match is played between two teams of four players. A team may have more than four players, but only four may play in the match. It's a good idea to have an extra player or two as there will be times when one of your team isn't available for a fixture. At least three team members from each team must turn up for a match to take place.

How does this work?

A match consists of 10 rounds, with a break for refreshments after round 5. 8-)

Questions are set and asked by a team from a different division. For instance, a match, between first division teams A and B will have questions by team C of the third division. The second match of the evening will then be between third division teams C and D with questions by either team A or B of the previous match.

There are 8 numbered questions in a round.

The first player in team A picks a number and is asked the corresponding question. He then has 20 seconds in which to give an individual answer. If the answer is correct, team A scores 3 points.

If the answer is incorrect, the whole team then confers for a further 20 seconds. If the correct conferred answer is given within that time, team A scores 2 points.

If that answer is incorrect, then the question goes across to the opposition team. They have another 20 seconds in which to confer. If they produce the right answer in that time, then team B scores 1 bonus point.

The next question number is chosen by the first player in team B, the next by the second player in team A, the fourth by the second player in team B and so on.

Apart from the Table Quiz, are there any other matches?

There sure are! There are four other events:

1. The Team Knockout - this is a handicapped event, open to all teams in the League and also to new teams who'd like to give quizzing a try.

2. The Pairs Knockout - also handicapped and open to all. This has a slightly different format: There are 5 rounds with 4 questions per round, asked in the same manner as league matches, but with two big differences:

a) After a question is asked, you have 5 seconds in which to decide whether to give an answer or confer with your partner, followed by a further 15 seconds to produce an answer.

It's vital to get this choice right because, if you give the right answer, you score 3 points as normal, whereas, if you give a conferred answer, you only get 1 point.

On the other hand, if you go it alone and give the wrong answer, the question immediately goes across to the opposition for another 20 second conference, and if they give the right answer, they get 2 bonus points.

b) Rounds 2 and 5 are nominated rounds. Pairs have the option of nominating one player to answer both questions on his own with no option to confer. This is risky but, if you give correct answers, you not only score 3 points for each question but a bonus 3 points on top - 9 points altogether. This can turn defeat into victory - and vice versa...

3. The Individual Open knockout competition. There are 15 questions in the earlier rounds and 20 questions in the final.

4. The Individual Shield knockout competition. As above, but first division players are excluded. He-he. 8-)

Anything else?

Ohhh yes! The Norrie Lyons Trophy for most sporting team

The Rene Burnett Cup for best question setting, and...

The Bent Cup. This is for the funniest/naffest answer or response to a question. 8-)

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