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The Grimsby and District Quiz League

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Volume 4

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End of Season Report-Some Reflections

The last League matches have been played and I have studied the final placings and compared them with my pre-season prognostications. The comparatively new method of setting unpaired questions still has its opponents but, over a season, the roughs are taken with the smooths and, on the whole, the two systems seem to have fairly similar results.

To my mind, the big advantage of unpaired questions lies in their setting; when questions had to be paired it was often difficult to achieve pairs of equal difficulty and setters tended to fall back on the old 'chestnuts', which had become fairly well-known over the years.

One would not need to be a genius to predict another Division 1 triumph for Surplus Rowdies but I am a little surprised that Nemesis failed to push them much harder. I also suggested that Pond Life and Rasen might struggle to avoid relegation in a very strong division. In the event, Pond Life and Swats will face Division 2 next year with Rasen narrowly avoiding the drop, though Swats’ ultimate fate could have resulted from the very sad demise, in mid-season, of Geoff Swanney.

In Division 2, I suggested Imps or Apostles as champions elect and the team of the Mitchells duly obliged with Apostles as runners-up, although it is debatable as to what effect the unfortunate illness suffered by Brendan Woodward had. I also predicted a difficult time for my own side, Bux Kwiz, Woodentops and Quizlings, and Woodentops just escaped by a single point while we and Bill Mercer’s crew took the rap and fell through the trapdoor into Division 3.

I was not alone in being astonished at the very poor season experienced in 2009-10 by Minders, recently in Division 1, and opined that that was possibly a temporary blip and that I expected them to be front runners in the basement Division 3. This was vindicated and they romped home almost undefeated, accompanied into Division 2 by my other tip for promotion, Time Out, although they only just made it over Serendipity.

Harry Buck

Report on Individual Semi-Finals 2010-11

Individual Open

This is the older of the two Individual events and attracts some pretty stiff, teasing questions. The 'brains' entering this year’s jousts had been whittled down to a couple of fascinating matches.

The first saw Rafa Dipsos star, Pete Sinclair, up against Mastermind contestant Andrew Hunter in a titanic struggle. At the end of Geoff North’s first 15, the score stood at 9-9 and the extra 5 yielded a great win for Pete at 4-3.

This tightest of games was followed by a clear victory for Pete Daniel over Ian Welham on an emergency set of questions very cleverly set at very short notice by Pete Sinclair and Andrew Hunter.

Individual Shield

The two matches involved the current champion, Graham Jackson against Geoff Turner in a re-match of last year’s semi-final, and Rod Mitchell against last year’s losing finalist Dick Burtle.

This latter confrontation saw Dick go out after scoring 13 to 14 by Rod, who went through to his first Final.

Graham and Geoff tied 8-8 after the first 15 questions, then could not be separated after the extra 5 at 4-4. The tie-break question settled it when Graham came nearest on guessing the number of countries currently in Africa. Graham ventured 46; Geoff tried 40. The answer: 53.


A few 'fences' where both were fallers



Who played Mrs Alf Garnett in Till Death Us Do Part?

Dandy Nicholls


In Cambridge, what are 'The Backs'?



What was unusual about the birth of Rudolf Nureyev?

He was born on a train


Which event led to the suicide of Rommel?

The 1944 Bomb Plot against Hitler


n the Bible, what were God’s first words to man?

Go Forth and Multiply!

Report on Time Out v Somnambulists

Bridge Club, March 21st.

This tussle took place on the first day of Spring, when all were looking forward with, hopefully, not misplaced optimism to some far better weather than we experienced at the latter end of 2010. Old Father Time had struck again and it seemed only a few short weeks since we embarked upon a new season and here we were, at the very edge of its death throes!

Time Out had to win this to be certain of the Division 3 runners-up spot over Serendipity but, after an extremely close contest, Somnambulists prevailed, even though it was too late to avoid the dreaded timbered piece of cutlery!

A fluctuating first five rounds ended at half-time with Time Out ahead 38-33 but the sleepwalkers rallied over the final neck-and-neck laps to emerge triumphant by 70-67. Captain Pru Whincup was brilliantly served by The Family Webster, in the shape of Gwen and Jim, and Mark Robinson made several telling contributions. Time Out paraded the old faithfuls, Graham Jackson and Alan Pilcher, and Lorraine and Pete gave them excellent support.


Some that fell by the wayside



In which body of water is Brownsea Island, scene of the first Scout Camp in 1907?

Poole Harbour


Who is the United States’ Defense Secretary?

Robert Gates


In which year was the Breathalyser introduced?



Who is the present Director-General of the BBC?

Mark Thompson


A few picked up for a bonus



Who wrote the novel, The Rainbow, in 1915?

D H Lawrence


In which year was the Lockerbie tragedy?



Whose 23 year old World Record was broken by American athlete Mike Hewitt?

Bob Beamon’s


Who wrote the music to which the Can Can is danced?

Jacques Offenbach

Report on Apostles v Bux Kwiz

R.A.F.A. Club on Monday, 7th February 2011

This Division 2 encounter between those eternal Division-hoppers, Apostles and last year’s Division 3 champions, Bux Kwiz, almost upset the old applecart for the team seemingly not quite good enough for the top flight but usually better than most in the second layer.

They are currently in a three-cornered fight at the Division 2 summit and only managed to scrape through by 75-73 in a nerve-jangling climax.

With 2 questions left, Bux led by 73-72 but Harry picked the wrong option! His side had matched their illustrious foes throughout, only to stumble at the final hurdle on a very fair set of questions from Minders.

Apostles were well-served by Pete, Keith, Terry Brown and Mary and Harry’s fellow doughty fighters were Mike, Tim and Geoff.

All were cheered by the news that Apostles’ 'captain fantastic,' Brendan, was well on the mend and could yet figure in some matches before the season’s close.

Excellent! 8-D - The Ed. waves to Brendan... \V/_


A Select Collection of tit-bits



Who composed the opera The Cunning Little Vixen?

Leos Janacek


Which King’s consort was Anne Neville?

Richard III


In which county is Houghton Hall, owned by the Marquess of Cholmondeley?



What is the port of Rome at the mouth of the Tiber?



On which Shakespeare play is the musical ,The Boys from Syracuse, based?

The Comedy of Errors


What are the four Inns of Court?

Lincolns/Grays/Inner Temple/Middle Temple

Report on Rasen v Belligerent Fools

RAFA Club on 6th January, 2011
Team K.O. ~ Round 1

This was the first match of the New Year and the first since the sad demise of one of the League’s stalwarts, Geoff Swanney.

Geoff was certainly a character and a bit of an eccentric but he, and his vast fund of knowledge, will be sorely missed and question-masters and both teams raised their glasses to his memory, before the start.

The game brought together Rasen from the top Division and Belligerent Fools from the basement Division 3, current holders of the dreaded Wooden Spoon, but Rasen were going to have to surmount an opening deficit on handicap of 22 points.

At the half-way stage they had reduced this by half to just 11 with the score at 60-49. This gripping encounter reached the end of the penultimate Round 9 with the scores equal at 86-all and, when Rasen took the lead, for the first time and with just 2 questions to be posed, it looked all up for the Fools.

Then just one question remained, to Graham of Rasen, with the tally at 92-91 to the Fools, when Lady Luck took a hand!

The question: "In Friends, what was Phoebe’s job?" just stumped the Division 1 outfit, none of whom had ever seen the show.

Mark took the bonus for the answer, "Masseuse" to bring to a close a really superb contest at 93-91, one of which Geoff would certainly have approved!

Rasen had Dave, Alastair and Graham giving valuable assistance to their skipper, and new radio star and Brain of Britain heat winner, Ian Welham*, while the winners were highly-indebted to Mark, Trev, Rob and John.


Some questions which fell on pointless, stony ground



In which year was the North Pole first reached?



Who was the last Italian to win the Motor Racing Drivers' Championship (Formula 1)?

Alberto Ascari in 1953


Which Scottish League club play in the town of Paisley?

St. Mirren


Who invented the toothbrush while in Newgate Prison?

William Addis


In which year was the Tay Bridge disaster?



Who was the only survivor of the Princess Diana car crash?

Trevor Rees-Jones

* Ian's semi-final match airs on 17th JAN  at 1.30p.m. on Radio 4.

Report on Serendipity v Belligerent Fools - Division 3

R.A.F.A. Club on 14thDecember, 2010

This was a pleasant return to near normal after the worst snowfall since 1947, when the concept of a Quiz League was unimaginable.

Two years ago, Serendipity were in the top division and came into this encounter unbeaten, while their opponents, Belligerent Fools, holders of the Wooden Spoon, looked like 'lambs to the slaughter'; they looked anything but at the end, having come away winners by the comfortable margin of 71-59.

They held a somewhat tenuous lead at half-time at 34-30 but eased away to really upset the form book. Their team of skipper Trev Church, Mark, John and Dave proved more than a match for the men of making fortunate discoveries by accident, captained as usual by Bob Potter supported by Martin, another Bob and Phil.


Some questions not cottoned on to by anyone



Who composed the music for the German National Anthem?

Joseph Haydn


How many gallons are there in a kilderkin?



The 1972 Derby winner Roberto was the only horse to beat which other famous stallion who won every other of his 18 races?

Brigadier Gerard


Who partnered Jamie Murray when he won the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles in 2007?

Jelena Jankovic


In which Suffolk town was Benjamin Britten born in 1913?



In which present day country is Antioch?



Which ship became the first major marine casualty of World War II on 13th October, 1939?

Royal Oak


Who ruled England from 1216 to 1272?

Henry III

Report on Individual Shield Rounds 1 and 2

These were played out at the R.A.F.A. Club on 9th November on a stormy night of gale-force winds that howled around the near-deserted Cleethorpes front.

Of the two scheduled games in Round 1, only one was played with Dick Burtle of Minders receiving a walk-over from Jim Webster (jnr).

Jim’s father, James (snr), featured in the other encounter and came away with the prized scalp of Sue Mitchell of Imps to join his Somnambulist colleague Mark Robinson in the Quarter-finals, but he only went through on a tie-break after the game ended at 11-all!

The ensuing 4 Quarter-finals provided the amazing statistic that each match was won by a mere single point. Jim Webster was just edged out 12-11 by Minders’ Geoff Turner and Mark Robinson went out to Rod Mitchell of Imps by 9-8.

The defending champion, Graham Jackson of Time Out, just edged out his team mate and friend, Alan Pilcher, by 10-9 while last year’s runner-up, Dick Burtle, saw off the challenge of Chairman Malc Towle 11-10.


Questions stumping both contestants



Which two Sea Areas are immediately north of Humber?

Tyne and Dogger


Which organ is affected by Bright’s Disease?

The Kidneys


What do bees collect?



Who once said, "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated?"

Mark Twain


In which state is the U.S.A.’s highest mountain?



In which city lived Peter Sutcliffe - 'The Yorkshire Ripper?'



Who wrote and recorded the song, Fields of Gold?



In which county is the town of Street?



What do Americans call what we call paraffin?


Report on Surplus Rowdies v Swats

Bridge Club, November 8th2010

The night was cold with a chilly wind when these two heavyweights came together at the pinnacle of Division 1. Old adversaries they are but the race never really got off the blocks as a contest and Rowdies took it at a bit of a cakewalk at 102-76.

They led 53 to 42 at the half-way point and pulled further away after the interval to register an unexpectedly wide margin of victory. They were at full strength, despite Captain Ian Townsend being hampered by sciatica, but he, Pete, Andrew and Nick were in peerless form.

Swats were short of the shy, retiring Steve, who was up country in Staithes, but Malc White was still fairly ably assisted by Mike, Geoff and Charlie.


Questions which fell on stony ground



How do you spell Sarsaparilla?



Who wrote the novel Forever Amber?

Kathleen Winsor


Who beat Muhammad Ali in 1978 to win the World Heavyweight Title in only his 8th professional fight ~ a record?

Leon Spinks


What is the name for the upright member in the middle of the back of a chair?

The splat


In the expression 'top hat and tails,' what is the 'tails' short for?



Questions picked up for 1 point



Who captained Nottinghamshire in winning this year’s County Cricket Championship?

Chris Read


What is the Latin name for the carol, O Come all ye Faithful?

Adeste fideles


n which film did Marilyn Monroe famously stand over a grating with her skirts awhirl?

The Seven Year Itch


What was the last major land battle of the U.S. War of Independence?



Which actor delivered the last line in Some Like it Hot?

Joe E. Brown

Report on R.A.F.A. Dipsos v Pond Life

R.A.F.A. Club, October 5th 2010

This was the opening match for these top division sides and what a surprise we had! R.A.F.A. had come up as Champions of Division 2 with fairly plausible claims for a tilt at the title, after the briefest of sojourns in the second tier, but their opponents were not dazzled by the foursome and triumphed 81-74.

Pond Life had also achieved promotion as runners-up and, brilliantly led by ex-R.A.F.A. man Mick Cavanagh, they had a lead of six at half-time and were never headed. Dipsos were thirteen points adrift after three rounds and came back steadily but, at the death, were unable to catch any life from the pond!

Captain Mick was ably assisted by Raoul and debutante Barbara, and Colin Carr made a telling contribution with a number of excellent answers plucked out at crucial stages.

Dipsos were a trifle unlucky at times, with possibly the worst of the more difficult questions but Andy, Pete, Roy and Steve took their defeat with good grace.

A Few of the Questions Yielding no Correct Responses





Who composed the music for the ballet Giselle?

Adolphe Adam


In which year was New Year's Day made a National Holiday in England?



Who was U.S. President Gerald Ford’s vice-president?

Nelson Rockefeller


Which is the nearest town to Whipsnade Zoo?



Who played the part of 'Nursie' in Blackadder 2?

Patsy Byrne


In which village near Market Rasen is the Broadbent Theatre?



What was Wet Wet Wet’s first No. 1 record?

With a Little Help from my Friends


In which city was Microsoft founded?


Pre-season Report on the 2010/11 Season

Here we go again with another Quiz League season on the horizon. Some of us have had less of a break this year with Mick Cavanagh’s successful Summer League venture but the serious business will kick-off on October 4th with the same eighteen teams in three divisions. So let us scan the prospects:-

Division 1

Those perennial favourites Surplus Rowdies, fresh from their Summer League triumph, will, once again, be expected to carry off the major crown but will be more aware than ever of the dangerous Nemesis, who only lost out last year on overall points difference, with the rejuvenated R.A.F.A. Dipsos, back as Division 2 champs. and also baying at their heels. Swats are always striving to be in the final reckoning but Rasen and Pond Life will have to be on their mettle if relegation is not to be a real possibility in a very strong division.

Division 2

This looks to be a close contest between the two relegated sides, Imps and Apostles, with Magic Robots also definite contenders for the top place. Last year’s Division 3 champions, Bux Kwiz, are likely to face a hard struggle to survive with Woodentops and Quizlings the other relegation candidates.

Division 3

Minders must surely hope that last year’s nightmare was merely a blip and I expect them to be the front runners in the basement division with Time Out, who also had a surprisingly unsuccessful time of it last season, giving them a run for their money. Serendipity, somewhat unlucky to be relegated by only eight points on overall points difference, are also potential champions here. All must beware, however, of those ancient four half-wits, mostly-decaying sleepwalkers and those belligerents, dying to be rid of that dreaded wooden object!

Harry Buck

Sneak preview of Volume 5

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