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A second demon child of Round Britain Quiz and Only Connect,
being the result of yet another very sleepless night...

For those of you with a level of masochism equal to/greater than my level of sadism. ::evil cackle!::

Question 1:
What connects: a storm in a teacup, an Adriatic trader, a story for long cold nights, a storm at sea, a small settlement, the choice is yours?

Question 2:
Who were a boozy beggar, a beery swine, a bugger for the bottle, a drunken fart and real pissant, and where would you find them all together?

Question 3:
What connects Sir Stamford Raffles, Freddie Mercury, Webster's Dictionary, Sir Thomas More, Duran Duran, an Indonesian Island and Chris Patten?

Question 4:
What connects a besom, a queen, a rock concert, a tarot card, a London borough, one that sounds good-looking and one that's morose?

Question 5:
Which is the odd one out and why? A Chinese official, Ian Fleming's home, mahogany, an alert feline, the lover of Columbine, a locomotive and a reddish one.

Question 6:
Rearrange these into the correct order: Marlene Dietrich, Brighton Rock, the Golden Gate Bridge, Vita Sackville-West's lesbian lover, the Coleopteran method of traveling below the surface, Duke Ellington and friends, and Mars.

Question 7:
What do the following have in common? Which is doubly the odd one out and why? A Portuguese navigator, a couple of Scandinavian raiders, ten Grimsby footballers, one in the east that was first, an Italian scientist, and Kathryn Janeway.

Question 8:
What connects a farmer, a member of the ploceidae family, a son of Neill, a chilly detective, a TRS connector, a lost carer of ovine animals, a cricketing canine and the painter of a musical manservant?

Question 9:
What connects a smudge, a knight of the realm, an old bicycle, a ruler, one with a shiny hooter, a leather-worker and Blackadder's inamorato/a. Which is the odd one out and why?

Question 10:
What's the connection between Matthew G. Lewis's Ambrosio, a royal one who, when blue, had Dignity, a Judas that had Sad Wings of Destiny, a member of a Missouri baseball team, one who wore green willow all around her hat, the spy, Basildon Bond and a 'Corrie' character who married a bigamist.


Arrange the words below - currently in alphabetical order - into
four groups of four connected items, then state the connections.
N.B. Some of these may fit into more than one group, but there's only one correct solution.


















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